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New store for sisters opens at Marymount Congregational Home

The pictures below were taken at the recent grand opening of a store for sisters inside Marymount Congregational Home in Garfield Heights. Sister Joyce Hollkamp, facilities manager of Marymount, created the store to help sisters in purchasing bulky, heavy and outsized items which are difficult to carry from the grocery store. The Marymount Store will be open weekly and new items will appear according to the survey completed by resident sisters.

Items are purchased in bulk from a local discount store which offers its products at a reasonable price. From the pictures, you can see that the "store" was a hit – there was even a ribbon-cutting ceremony!


Sisters Kenneth Bielski (partially hidden) and Joyce Hollkamp


Sister Kenneth Bielski


Sisters Louise Szerpicki and Jane Zoltek


Sisters Anne Maslanka, Kenneth Bielski, and Joyce Hollkamp


Sisters Laura Nowakowski and Kathleen Deja


Sisters Dorothy Ann Krolikowski and Helen Skok


Sisters Anne Maslanka and Jean Ehasz


Sisters Jean Ehasz (in back) and Madeline Antoskiewicz


Sisters Madeline Antoskiewicz (back view), Kenneth Bielski, and Joyce Hollkamp


Grand opening promotional poster

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