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SSJ-TOSF Welcomes Highland Community Church

The Highland Community Church in Stevens Point will be using the Family Room at St. Joseph Motherhouse for their worship place starting Sunday, September 17. The sisters at the Motherhouse welcome them with open hearts and minds. Some Highland Community Church members and the sisters gathered for a welcoming luncheon on August 12, 2017. Sister Michelle Wronkowski opened the luncheon with these words:

"On behalf of the Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF… I would like to welcome you (Highland Community Church) into our sacred place – our HOME.

I am Sister Michelle; I am one of the elected members of our Leadership Team for the Community… I am both blessed and privileged to serve with and for the sisters in this congregational home.

We have been present on this property for 116 years… these women who live here have touched thousands of lives in service to God and the people of God. During the last four years, we have been focusing on four deepest desires as a congregation of Franciscan Women Religious:

  1. BUILD life-giving, trusting communities that cherish each one's personal gifts.
  2. EMPOWER one another to live the truth of Gospel values.
  3. BOND with others in ever-widening circles of compassion and peace.
  4. SPEAK to the Church and to the world from our common understanding that there be no outcasts in our experience of life on this earth.

Welcoming you into our HOME awakens these desires to become active, lived desires… a chosen direction for our future.

Highland Community Church and the Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF, let us open our hearts and pray for one another.

I would like to share some words from a homily given by our Holy Father, Pope Francis, on June 19, 2013… he claimed:

'Let us not go down the path of division, of fighting among ourselves. All united, all united in our difference, but united. Always: this is the way of JESUS. Unity is superior to conflict. Unity is a grace for which we must ask the Lord that he may liberate us from the temptation of division. So much damage to the Church comes from division among Christians, from biases, from narrow interests. Division among us, but also division among communities: Evangelical Christians, Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians. We must try to bring unity.'

Together, let us pray that the Lord gifts us with Unity. May we be living limbs bound one to the other by God's unique love… which the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts… Let us be unity in ACTION!"

The photo above shows members of the Highland Community Church with Sister Michelle at the outside entrance to the Family Room, the entrance the church members will use.

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