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Sister Madge Karecki offers two keynotes to Green Bay Diocese

On October 27, 2016, Sister Madge Karecki gave two keynote talks at the Leadership Convocation of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The title of the first talk was "Missionary Discipleship: A Way of Life." It was well received by the over 400 participants from the various parishes and institutions in the diocese. Originally, along with giving the keynote talk, Sister Madge was to lead a workshop session. Instead, however, she was asked to give a second keynote address because Bishop Christopher Coyne, who was scheduled to speak, could not attend due to a death in his family. Sister Madge then gave the second keynote entitled "The Foundation for Fruitful Mission: A Growing Desire to be Like the One You Love." The talk explained the relationship between contemplation and mission.

In reflecting on her experience Sister Madge states, "The whole day was grace-filled and the people responded with much interest and an eagerness to grow in their relationship with the Lord. I felt it was well worth it."

Sister Madge is pictured above with Bishop David L. Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay.

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