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Sisters Attend Parliament of World Religions


Sisters Donna Wilhelm and Judith Wood participated in the Parliament of World Religions, a gathering to promote mutual understanding. (Left)


The Opening Ceremony for the Conference was led by Native Americans. (Left) Each morning, outside the Salt Palace Conference Center, a tribe elder performed a "smudging ritual," a ritual of cleansing negative energy for anyone who wished to participate. (Right)

9,000 people from all over the world attended the conference.

    Sister Donna with friends at the LangarÂ…

Every day, the Sikh community provided a noon day meal, free for anyone who wished to attend, serving several thousand participants each day. This is an ancient tradition for the community, called the Langar (common kitchen).

Both Donna and Judith participated in different programs on interfaith relations and spirituality, meditation practices, the relation between religion and science, the current problem of "Islamaphobia" in the western world, as well as many other topics. They also enjoyed musical presentations offered throughout the conference, and would be very willing to share their experiences with anyone who would like to learn more about this event.


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