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Sister Sharon Dillon shares CCSE's welcome video for Pope Francis

As we prepare for the visit of Pope Francis in September, Sister Sharon Dillon shared the following message and video from the Catholic Coalition for Special Education (CCSE).

"Today marked the official debut of our video welcoming Pope Francis to Washington, D.C. The launch party this morning was a fabulous, well attended event and gave us a hook, a media opportunity, to get the media's attention and share our video and our story.

Please use the following link when sharing our video: This will help us track traffic." Catholic Coalition for Special Education

Sister Sharon stated: "Two of the girls with Down Syndrome, as well as two of the girls who were Buddies, were my students...the blue shirts are the girls from the Academy; the shirts say Holy Cross on the left side. We are being encouraged to post and share the video as much as possible."

Sister Sharon is on the faculty of the Academy of the Holy Cross, in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

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