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SSJ-TOSF & Immigration Reform

Please join the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis as they pray for immigration reform. Our prayers join with thousands of others as part of a 40-day fasting, prayer and advocacy movement led by the ecumenical group Fast Action. For more details on the event which runs from Sept. 9 to Oct. 18, see

Our Sr. Josephine Espinos, who ministers in Peru, shares this recent article about her sister (Sr. Rose Cecile Espinos, SSND) and her firsthand account along the U.S.-Mexico border which highlights the urgency for immigration reform in the United States.

Prayer for Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform from the Heart of God
Heart of God, full of mercy, watch over our sister and brother immigrants.
Protect them from harm even as they suffer mistreatment and humiliations on their way.
Touch with your goodness the hearts of we who see them pass by.
Break open our hearts to embrace them and the gift that they are to our communities.

Heart of God, full of compassion, give our brothers and sisters in Congress the gift of compassion.
Open their eyes to the pain and longing of those affected by their decisions.
Give them wisdom as they struggle to repair our unjust immigration system.
Break open their hearts to embrace the dreams of our immigrant parents, siblings, and friends.

Heart of God, full of love, we give you glory for all the blessings you have given us.
Help us to share those blessings with others that we may all know that you are a God of mercy, a God of compassion, a God of love.

Break open our hearts that we might embrace the challenge to build a land, a nation, a community where all are welcome.

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