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Sr. Rosanna professes final vows

Sr. Rosanna Hodlik, daughter of Chester (deceased) and Regina Hodlik, professed final vows as a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis on June 23 in St. Joseph Chapel at Marymount Congregational Home, Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Sr. Rosanna entered the community from St. Clare Parish in Lyndhurst, Ohio, having been taught religion by SSJ-TOSF at St. Monica Parish elementary school. She began discerning with the community in 2002 and entered the novitiate in 2005. She completed two years of novitiate, spending the second year in apostolic experiences at 8th Day Center for Social Justice (Chicago, Illinois) and at St. Therese Parish (Garfield Heights, Ohio).

"I was brought up with Franciscan values, with my mother being taught by our sisters (SSJ-TOSF) and my father being brought up at a Franciscan parish," Sr. Rosanna said. "While discerning with another community, I felt something missing but couldn't identify the missing aspect. It was at a 'Come and See' weekend in Bartlett, Illinois, that I found that missing component. I felt like I had come home."

Sr. Rosanna earned a master of business administration from Cleveland State University and a bachelor of science in marketing from Dyke College in Cleveland. She also has completed coursework at the Pastoral Leadership Center at the University of Dayton, and at Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio. She worked for many years in marketing research in Ohio. Currently, she has a consulting practice, handling medical insurance billing.

"My plans are to do whatever God has in store for me," she said. "I'm involved with the community, serving on different committees, and am also a parish council member at St. Clare Parish. I also plan on using my talents for the good of the community and the good of individuals."

The SSJ-TOSF are a Franciscan community of nearly 400 members, including 100 associates. Founded in 1901 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, the congregation maintains congregational homes in Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Sisters serve in diverse ministries – including education, healthcare, community services/outreach, and parish-diocesan work. They minister in 14 states and in Brazil, Peru and Puerto Rico.

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