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Religious Understanding

Faith Resources


  • The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions by Wayne Teasdale who is a trusted resource for those persons beginning on an intentional spiritual journey as well as those well along the way. The book examines the world's religions and highlights the underlying beliefs and yearnings that will ultimately link humankind.
  • A History of God is a best-selling book by Karen Armstrong. It details the history of the three major monotheistic traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Also included in the book are Buddhism and Hinduism. The evolution of the idea of God is traced from its ancient roots in the Middle East up to the present day.
  • The World's Religions by Huston Smith, this book looks at seven major religions of the world today for the purpose of enlightening people of different cultures and beliefs about each other.
  • Christian Identity and Religious Pluralism: Religions in Conversation by Michael Barnes, 1989.
  • Francis and Islam, by J. Hoeberichts. In this study, Hoeberichts argues convincingly that the attitude of Francis of Assisi toward the Saracens provides a model for Christian-Muslim relations and for interreligious dialogue in general that is relevant today.


  • Beyond Our Differences is a documentary film that explores the positive role of faith in the world today and the fundamental unity of the worlds religions.
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