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Death Penalty

As Franciscan women who stand against violence and respect all of God's creation as sacred, we would like to keep this awareness before us by holding in prayer all those on death row, their families, their victims, and the victims' families.

July 7 Humberto Leal, Jr. (foreign national): Texas
July 12 Marcel Williams: Arkansas
July 19 Kenneth Smith: Ohio
July 19 Thomas West: Arizona
July 20 Mark Stroman: Texas
July 26 Jason McGehee: Arkansas

Recent News from the Catholic Social Action office in Cincinnati

Shawn Hawkins' Life Spared!
After a great deal of advocacy from countless archdiocesan Catholics and other Ohioans, Governor Kasich decided on June 8 to commute the death sentence of Shawn Hawkins. On May 12, the Ohio Parole Board unanimously recommended clemency, because there were too many lingering doubts about the 21-year old case. Read more at The Columbus Dispatch. Please contact Governor Kasich's office at 614-466-3555, and thank him for choosing life! Also, read the Ohio bishops' Statement on the Death Penalty in Ohio! Learn more by visiting our Death Penalty page.

Organizations committed to abolishing the Dealth Penalty

+ Click to expand | National Coalition to Abolish the Dealth Penalty | Visit Web site
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP) is the nation's oldest organization dedicated to the abolition of the death penalty. We are comprised of an extensive network representing more than 100 state and national Affiliate organizations and thousands of advocates and volunteers. Our members include families of murder victims, persons from all points on the political and religious spectrums, past and present law enforcement officials and prominent civil and racial justice organizations working to end the death penalty forever. Check out the website to see local news, facts and figures and state affiliates.
+ Click to expand | Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Dealth Penalty | Visit Web site
The Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is a grassroots membership organization committed to educating the public about the flaws and injustices in the Illinois capital punishment system and promoting humane alternatives to the punitive death penalty system.
+ Click to expand | Ohioans to Stop Execution | Visit Web site
was founded in 1987. Its purpose is to end the use of capital punishment in the State of Ohio. The views of the members that underlie that purpose are many, but can be summarized into two broad categories: 1) A moral commitment to life that precludes the purposeful killing of any human being and/or 2) Recognition that the death penalty as it is being implemented in Ohio is not fairly or accurately applied.
+ Click to expand | Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty | Visit Web site
Wisconsin became the first state in the union to abolish the death penalty. But recently, there has been a persistent attack on that abolishment from those who would like to see state-sanctioned murder return to the state. The Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty is a coalition that has formed to fight attempts to bring the death penalty back.
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