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Associate activities vary from place to place, and from Associate to Associate. Each Associate establishes her/his relationship with the congregation based on the gifts and needs of the Associate and the gifts and needs of the Sisters in that location. Possible activities include:

  • Praying as individuals or with others.
  • Meeting regularly with a Sister-sponsor; meeting regularly with a local community.
  • Engaging in a ministry, full-time or as a volunteer that reflects the SSJ-TOSF charism or mission.
  • Dialoguing with Sisters and/or Associates on issues of peace, justice and ecology.
  • Deepening spirituality by participating in retreats, workshops and discussions with Sisters and/or Associates.
  • Participating in SSJ-TOSF forums and/or assemblies.
  • Serving on committees/boards with other Sisters and/or Associates.
  • Contributing articles to community publications.
  • Leading prayer or discussion with Sisters and/or Associates. Sharing the prayer life of Sisters—liturgies, prayer services and praying the Franciscan Office.
  • Interacting regularly with Sisters in informal ways.
    • Volunteering time and service in SSJ-TOSF sponsored institutions.
    • Keeping in communication with a retired Sister and/or Associate through regular phone calls, e-mails, letters or visits.
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