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Congregational Commitments from the
26th General Chapter

Grounded in our Franciscan heritage to live simply and companion the oppressed, we Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis commit ourselves to refounding our congregation. Based on values of gospel living and framed within the Universe Story, we claim the following statements as integral components.

Franciscan Spirituality and Cosmology

Our refounding is grounded in a spirituality which integrates the Franciscan theology of Christo-centric incarnation which incorporates the Universe story and interfaith inclusion.

We respect the earth and recognize that all life is interconnected in a continuing cosmic evolution.

We embrace our immigrant roots and identify with the struggle of all people to find a home in this world.

In the spirit of St. Francis we share our stories, pray with persons of multiple faiths and cultures, and open our hearts and homes to those in need.

Our Franciscan spirituality inspires and guides us in responding to any needs calling out to us.


We actively move toward inviting new kinds of relationships that could include both vowed and non-vowed in both life-long and temporary commitment.

We desire to include men and women of various faith-beliefs to share spirituality, common life, and prayer. Together we create and provide a place for people to gather and grow together in rich and inclusive ways as seekers of truth and harmony-building within our universe.


We are committed to provide opportunities of continuing formation for all members, associates, and co-workers based on our Franciscan values.

Our on-going formation includes pedagogical resources as well as learning and insights from our ministerial experiences and incorporates the emerging cosmology.

Our aging members, as they are able, not only provide prayer support and mentoring to our newer members, but also provide presence in intentional living communities.

Social Justice

Stemming from our Franciscan values and the fact that all life is interconnected, members, vowed and non-vowed, are encouraged to be engaged in ministry with those living on the margins of society and struggling to live with dignity.

We continue to influence our public officials to pass legislation that supports the human rights of all through email campaigns, public meetings, letter writing, phone calls, etc.


Finances are framed within the common good. Each person holds this as a value when engaged in personal budgeting.

Budgeting procedures which use up-to-date technology are encouraged.

We work toward continued implementation of the previous property studies.

Care of the Elderly

We are committed to the care of our elderly sisters.

We use existing and up-coming government programs to assist in the care of the elderly. Sisters are educated on the benefits of these resources and the reason for enrolling in government-assisted programs.

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